Saturday, Day 0, Shopping Spree

I'm not doing plague news today. It's firkin depressing. Same reason why I'm not looking at the news. I have enough morbs without seeing how idiotic the world is being.

Today is a feast day, so at least part of my plns involve eating all the no-no's I can fit in my bod. Which may or may not be an endorphin booster. We shall see.

Chaos needs new shorts, she also needs to get her booster. So that's also in my agenda.

Just as soon as Beloved awakes from her slumber. Her new hormones are kicking her butt so I don't expect much enthusiasm out of her.

I shall post story, and spend this day attempting to forget that idiots exist. Fortunately, I'm seeing a lot more people wearing masks and a lot less wandering around with chin bras.

I can hope the trend continues.