Challenge #03323-I035: Replacement Parts

It'd been a very hard week. All I want is to sit down and forget this week, to be honest. You're a therapist, you know what it's like? All I really want is a cup of coffee and something to read. Hey doc., when will my eyes be fixed? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hey OP? OP? Ow... That's one hell of a kick in the pants. Well done]

"Three more days," said the soothing voice of Therapist Ka'renn. Ze was always so cheerful and upbeat. "Your new eyeballs are almost mature, replete with their optic nerves. They look like cute little jellyfish."

I chuckled in spite of myself. In spite of the mood that weighed me down of late. "The small mercies are a little too small at the moment," I said. "It's all too heavy. I want to lie down and sleep the rest of the wait away, but..."

"But you're an active person and need to move at speeds far greater than you're capable of at the moment."

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