Friday, Day 0, Mor Plns

Plague news:

  • 8 643 new cases
  • 55 078 total active cases
  • 820 hospitalisations
  • 47 in the ICU
  • 9 new deaths
  • 14 531 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 256 956 national doses
  • 48 644 Qld doses
  • 7 631 ACT doses
  • 68 960 NSW doses
  • 2 358 NT doses
  • 18 348 SA doses
  • 5 616 Tas doses
  • 66 306 Vic doses
  • 39 102 WA doses

Honestly, going through the litany of infections and so forth is bringing me down. But it's history and something of a record for the future. So I hope whoever uses this as a source appreciates the emotional load.

Mayhem ate some of the bread I made for Chaos' luncheons. So now our agenda includes buying some real sourdough for the inevitable sammich kits. Blargh.

I just don't have the energy to bake right now.

Just like I still don't want to look at the news. Apart from this one thing that Beloved told me: Some boffin reckons they've unriddled how to stop trans people from being born at all.

Combined with the other efforts to prevent the disabled and the different from being born at all, I now have a springboard for this years' All Hallow's Read.

After literal years of not being able to write a horror story, I finally have something to kick people's minds with.

Onwards towards the rest of my nonsense.