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It's expensive, this week

So. I have registered our pets, splurged on my birthday present [it was preset moneys, so it's technically not out of my bank] and am waiting on an AUS$600 car repair bill.

This alongside the usual food/petrol/shenanigans nonsense that happens on the daily.

It's a sock in the gut, for sure, and I could really use a safety net to feel relaxed about this sock in the gut. Like, I know, on an intellectual level, that I can make it through this gut-punch and be back to normal in a few weeks.


I'm in this fix because I paid for a bulk lot of my braining supplements: Ashwagandha and Pregnenolone. I have one of those, so far, and it was the Ashwagandha that won the race, interestingly enough. That was a hefty hole out of my money pool.

Getting all those other things were necessities, as is the car repair. I need my car to Go. I need to go places and do stuff, and I would much rather do that in a decent vehicle, thanks.

I started this fortnight with enough in my bank to be confident with buying bulk meds and shiny things in the first place. I end this fortnight worrying about my ability to make it through next week. Especially with the $600 car bill coming up.

Kind'a scary that I don't even have the funds for my regular budget.

So check out all the ways I'm selling things, and maybe buy a thing or two.

I have lots of content you can pay moneys for.

Thanks for buying generously.

Lazy weekend

I had a lovely lie in and I'm already paying for it. The Bureaux of Meteorology (BoM) promised us some extreme storms this evening [thanks, Climate Change] but the rains never came and today is already promising to be very toasty indeed.

All contributions to my continued living will be going towards a new air conditioner for my office. Air conditioning means that I will be spending more time working on random shit after I've finished faffing about with my latest book

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Why I need $600 in a hurry

Yesterday's temperature at 10:30AM. That's 35.5 degrees celcius and 96 Fahrenheit

This is how hot it was at my desk when I finally finished my pro writing for the day at 10:30 AM. It gets hotter, but I didn't want to be around for that. You understand that it's very uncomfortable in here. [Temperatures are 35.5 Celcius and 96 Fahrenheit]

I do have an air conditioner, but at the moment, it's not cooling the air. It's no better than a fan, and it doesn't even blow my way.

My options currently

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O Fuck Help Me

OK so…


I might be doing some Readings Videos?

Like. Me. Reading. Shit from my books.

The novels though. Not the Instants. Because there’s firkin almost 900 of those little shits and just thinking about that has me Nope-ing out of Fuckoffsville.

I did not need this on top of an anxiety attack.


Bright-ish idea occurred to me that I should probably read the BEST bits out of each book?

Like: Hevun’s Rebel, Hevun’s Ambassador, Hevun’

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