Lazy weekend

I had a lovely lie in and I'm already paying for it. The Bureaux of Meteorology (BoM) promised us some extreme storms this evening [thanks, Climate Change] but the rains never came and today is already promising to be very toasty indeed.

All contributions to my continued living will be going towards a new air conditioner for my office. Air conditioning means that I will be spending more time working on random shit after I've finished faffing about with my latest book and Instant Story.

No air conditioning means that I quickly fuck off to more hospitable habitats with either my phone or my iPad for company and not very much gets done because (a) Tumblr, and, (b) games, plus, (c) TV.

I used to get a lot of fanficcery done because of the combo of laptop and TV, but that kind of requires having a laptop [dream model - $2K] and I am the kind of geek who hates the "response time" of my iPad's keyboard.

Seriously, the number of times my iPad editor has fucked up because I hit the keys too quickly or things move around too slowly... if I had a dollar for each of those, I'd never have to beg for money.

And I can't really share anything on my iPad without serious technical issues. I mean it. Sneakernet is involved.

My process is thus:

  • email self the file
  • traverse house
  • enter oven office
  • download file from email [often requires login to email]
  • beat file into a format my office compy understands
  • finally post that mofo

You can understand why I don't want to do that too often. If I had a lappy, I could use my cloud and just write whenever and wherever I am.

But to be really honest - the instant I have $600 disposable income? I'm spending that shit on some AC. I need to be comfortable.