Heat Wave

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Why I need $600 in a hurry

Yesterday's temperature at 10:30AM. That's 35.5 degrees celcius and 96 Fahrenheit

This is how hot it was at my desk when I finally finished my pro writing for the day at 10:30 AM. It gets hotter, but I didn't want to be around for that. You understand that it's very uncomfortable in here. [Temperatures are 35.5 Celcius and 96 Fahrenheit]

I do have an air conditioner, but at the moment, it's not cooling the air. It's no better than a fan, and it doesn't even blow my way.

My options currently include getting all my writing done as early as possible, and then moving to cooler rooms when I'm done. Alas, as primary parental for two little darlings with ASD, I also need my early morning time for barking order out of chaos.

Of course Beloved blames me for "playing" with my computer instead of doing the parental thing. I can't bilocate. Beloved doesn't get out of bed before 8AM. If I do the parental stuff and write later, I will roast alive.

Hell, the temperature's risen two degrees since I started writing this.

I need to hurry.

So please buy my books, encourage your friends to buy my books. Or pop a contribution into the banner up the top.

Every dollar counts.

Tips For The Brits


To beat the heat, from an aussie is rural Oz where it gets up to 47+C in the summer.

• Cotton sheets.

• Loose cotton pjs. A singlet (you might call it a vest?) or loose tee up top. Undies or boxer shorts down below. Or just ditch them dude. Sleep in the nude.

• Put your sheets in the freezer for awhile.

• Don’t wear socks to bed.

• Keep a window open but your blinds or curtains shut.

• Invest in a chillow

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