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Tips For The Brits


To beat the heat, from an aussie is rural Oz where it gets up to 47+C in the summer.

• Cotton sheets.

• Loose cotton pjs. A singlet (you might call it a vest?) or loose tee up top. Undies or boxer shorts down below. Or just ditch them dude. Sleep in the nude.

• Put your sheets in the freezer for awhile.

• Don’t wear socks to bed.

• Keep a window open but your blinds or curtains shut.

• Invest in a chillow or a neck cooler. You can get them on ebay or look for a website that sells them. (i only know where to get them in a store, sorry!) Neck coolers are great for laying across your head in a humid, hot room with no air con. Firefighters use them here. Thats how I came across them. Chillows are… cold pillows I suppose.

• Drink lots of water. Dehydration is not fun, trust me. You may think you’ll pee a lot, but it’s better than loosing too much fluid where it counts.

• You can make a fan out of anything. (x) <— so cute.

• Sleep on the floor, or a hammock. Hot air rises apparently. Of course it does. Except here where it’s everywhere. (except right now, it’s so cold guys. Visualise the cold)

• If you don’t have a fan, perhaps invest in one. You can even invest in a usb run one.

• Little portable fans are a thing, so are handheld fans and even fan pens.  And are quite cheap. 

• Go swimming. If you can’t go swimming, run a cold bath and chill for awhile. 

• Make cool treats. Like icypoles. 

• Turn off all heat sources and all lights. Camp out. 

• Don’t wear closed shoes, wear flip-flops (what a funny word!) or sandles. 

• I used to get a water spray bottle, spray my face and then fanned it to keep cool.

• If you’re lucky there may be some public spaces around town/or your city, that actually have air conditioning. For example, our little cinema, which is actually big it’s a theater, anyway, offered free movies when it got above 40c because it was so cold inside. The generator died because of the heat but it was still cooler inside that in most places. Keep a look out in your local news.

• Pop your water bottles in the freezer. 

• I wish I could send you all the little doodads we use to keep cool here, sometimes air cons just don’t do a thing. 

• Take an umbrealla outside. No I’m serious, it offers shade. If you have to walk, use an umbrella.

• If your tea has caffine … i’m afraid you’ll have to subsitute it. I’m very, very sorry. It’s not good for the heat. 

• Drink something with electrolytes.

• Slip, Slop, Slap. Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat. (not a cap guys) Also sunglasses. 

• Put your feet in a bucket of cold water. 

• Wheat bags (heat packs) can go in the freezer! ( i did not know this)

• Chances are some of your live near a beach. Guess what you need to do. 

• Ok you can have tea. Iced tea. Nor you don’t have to buy it. Just make it like you normally do, pop in some ice cubes from the freezer and put them in a fridge for awhile. Or make the tea into icecubes and pop it into water once frozen. Or or…make a smoothie with frozen fruit. OR OR, TEA ICYPOLES.

• If you must drink tea, have it warm, not hot. Apparently it works better than cold drinks. Try chrysanthunum. 

• It may sound strange, but spicy foods. 

• Fruit, lots of fruit. 

• Please look at these for pets and young kids. (x) (x) (x)

• Typo is the store that has the fan pens…but they don’t ship to the UK. so perhaps if you know anyone in the US or australia, they may be willing to bulk buy some if you all pitch in. 

Thats all I have for now, but please don’t hesitate to send me an ask.

Cool towels.

If you can’t find them in a sporting goods shop - buy a chamois or five from an auto goods shop. Same thing.

Get them wet, but not dripping, and wear them on your head. Works best if the air is moving (yeah it’s fans again)

Also, cloth bucket hats (aka giggle hats) can be doused and worn wet if you have to go out in the sun.

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my parents aren’t teaching me life lessons.

#i need some adults to TEACH ME SHIT ABOUT LIFE

I’m an adult.


Some shit about life, from a bonafide adult:

  • even if you get along great with your family you will get along even better with them after moving out 
  • generic is almost always just as good as name brand. But there are some things you never buy generic, including: peanut butter, ketchup, liquid
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I get asked all the time, in letters and e-mails and questions from the floor: “Can you give me a few tips about being a writer?” And you sense that gleam in the eye, that hope that somehow, this time, you’ll drop your guard and hand over the map to the Holy Grail or, preferably, its URL. I detect, now, a slightly worrying edge to all this, a hint of indignation that grammar, spelling, and punctuation have a part to

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One important lesson on economics from someone who's picked up on a few things...

Put basically: If they’re offering it to plebes like you, the bubble is about to burst.

There are numerous economic bubbles in past and present. The stock bubble. The internet bubble. The housing bubble. The quantum chocolate bubble. Okay, I just wish there was a quantum chocolate bubble…

The point is, bubbles are just like pyramid schemes. Sooner or later, they’re going to run out of people to sell it to and the whole shebang is going

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