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Challenge #02377-F187: Almost a Nightmare

Imagine you meet your doppelganger of a different species. They look nothing like you, but your personalities are as close to identical as possible! -- Anon Guest

The universe is a fractal, as above, so below. Galaxies spiral into a supergalaxy. Stars spiral into galaxies, clouds of debris spiral into both stars and planets. Atmosphere spirals into weather... liquid drains into a spiral form. Around and around it goes... Is it no wonder, then, that there are patterns of personas?

They do not always look alike, of course. It's hard for a lizard to resemble a gigantic spider, for example. Many times, though, they occupy the same job. Many times, they have exactly the same mannerisms and patterns of speech. They have the same habits, the same quirks, the same... essence as another you might know. They may even have a similar name.

Jean-Paul Satre theorised that hell is other people. A. J. Rimmer knew without a doubt that hell is an eternity with yourself. Those are just two extremes that result from meeting your animus echo. Your... soul-doppelganger, if you will.

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Challenge #02146-E317: The Wrong Kind of Smart

"Look, it's very simple. Knowledge equals power, right? So it makes much more sense to reward people who are well educated, as well as people who can help apply that education for the benefit of everyone else."

"They ask too many questions." -- Anon Guest

Knowledge may be power, but an education is like a disease. As soon as you've got one, there's a compelled desire to spread it around. It's one of the reasons why you find oligarchies, plutocracies, theocracies, monocracies,

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One important lesson on economics from someone who's picked up on a few things...

Put basically: If they’re offering it to plebes like you, the bubble is about to burst.

There are numerous economic bubbles in past and present. The stock bubble. The internet bubble. The housing bubble. The quantum chocolate bubble. Okay, I just wish there was a quantum chocolate bubble…

The point is, bubbles are just like pyramid schemes. Sooner or later, they’re going to run out of people to sell it to and the whole shebang is going

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