O Fuck Help Me

OK so…


I might be doing some Readings Videos?

Like. Me. Reading. Shit from my books.

The novels though. Not the Instants. Because there’s firkin almost 900 of those little shits and just thinking about that has me Nope-ing out of Fuckoffsville.

I did not need this on top of an anxiety attack.


Bright-ish idea occurred to me that I should probably read the BEST bits out of each book?

Like: Hevun’s Rebel, Hevun’s Ambassador, Hevun’s Gate and finally, The Amity Incident.

I know what bits I found fun to write, but they are always the bits that fall flat. So I am asking you, my dear readers, to tell me which bits of what books you found the best, the most hilarious, or something you’d love to hear in my laughably monotone mumble.

The smallest group of people who’ve paid for a novel is 14. Therefore I can assume that fourteen people have at least tried to read my novels.

Please send me what you think are the best parts of my works.

I will do all the figuring out of how to get 15 minutes out of that.