Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague news: Three new cases, two local, one import. Forty-one total cases and they're all in hospital.

I have a PLN to open up my Discord to all visitors [come join us!] and lowering the bar for that on my Patreon is one of my priorities this morning. Augh.

Plague vectors to the right of me, plague vectors to the left of me... BUT at least I have sanity projects so there's that.

In the news:

  • Mine worker the latest patient zero who's a superspreader
  • Scotty From Marketing says "get the vaccine!" Nice try, Poflo, but I have been waiting for my GP to call me since you bought some for your rich mates
  • Australia slammed once more for our self-preservation techniques
  • NSW slammed by the rest of Australia for being a vector
  • London's tube blew up
  • Vaccines against the plague now mandatory
  • Mum turns chocolate cake into KFC bucket
  • Customer gives $16K tip
  • Kate Middleton uninvited to royal event
  • Simon Cowell becomes "Grey Wiggle" for food delivery ad
  • Powercuts plus lockdown. What a fab combo

Let's get on with the nonsense. I'll be streaming the making of today's story... soon.