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Challenge #03663-J010: The Hardest Lesson

"You have everything. Wealth, houses, tons of food, staff to satisfy your every whim. Yet, you say you feel empty inside. Lonely, and unfulfilled. How about try... sharing your wealth, and gaining a type of wealth no money could ever buy?" -- Anon Guest

Not every Dragon is born with scales and wings. Many are born in Human bodies, and live like their fellows. Save for one difference - they have it all, and they want more.

Witness the young Emperor Ymmus, ruler of many lands. They have had everything they could possibly want since they could speak their wants. Like many child emperors, life has been wonderful. It has also been very empty. Gold and glitter, yes. The best and most expensive foods, also. The finest and most expensive clothes.

Everything was splendid, it was overloaded with splendour. Everything was fantastic, it was an artifice of fantasy. Everything was wanted, and the Emperor Ymmus wanted more, more, more...

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Challenge #02756-G199: Oh Marvelous Me

I'm sorry to add to your already heavy workload that is your Prompts. But I would really like to see Unununium Jones on her stellar yacht get her just deserts. (From Prompt #02605-G048: Atomic Element Number Six) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link thanks to DaniAndShali <3 Bless you for being helpful]

Life, the saying goes, is like a shit sandwich. The more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat. That saying was certainly true of Uni Jones. She

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Friday Already?

I lost track, somewhere in the middle of the week. Nevertheless, I did manage to do all my blogly duties. And my writing quotas.

And I learned about this horseshit in which the people lobbying to quash climate change for profit are also preparing for a climate change related apocalypse by buying homes in New Zealand.

Sailing the hypocri-sea much?

Point that out to any of them and they have the power to firkin destroy your life.

I hate rich people.


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Challenge #01475-D014: Signal Lost

"It matters not if you have stood with the great. What really makes a difference is if you have sat with the broken, walked with the lost, and loved the lonely." — Sheri Bessi Eckert -- Ariestess

"And what have you done?" asked the man in the yellow robes. He was Important. He would not be in this meet-up if he wasn't. The people demanded it, and he had to suffer it. For the good feelings of everyone who supported him. And for

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