Friday Already?

I lost track, somewhere in the middle of the week. Nevertheless, I did manage to do all my blogly duties. And my writing quotas.

And I learned about this horseshit in which the people lobbying to quash climate change for profit are also preparing for a climate change related apocalypse by buying homes in New Zealand.

Sailing the hypocri-sea much?

Point that out to any of them and they have the power to firkin destroy your life.

I hate rich people.

They don't need to be that wealthy. They certainly don't need to be that vile. But we're supposed to believe that everything will be fine because they're fine.

There's an old saying I don't hear often enough. "I'm all right, Jack." Always said to someone who serves themselves before they think of anyone else. The rest is up to debate. Whether it's, "Too bad your house is burning," or, "Nevermind your broken leg," or, "Shame about you," it's always meant to point out the selfishness and ignorance of the one you're saying "I'm all right, Jack," to.

But they're not all right, Jack.

These people hardly do a thing for themselves. They 'need' servants. Invisible people scoop up their messes and keep their homes in brochure-ready condition. All it takes is one of those invisible people to realise that the world is better off without these rich arseholes and those three-million-dollar sniper nests aren't worth shit.

It's always the butler who poisons the wine.