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Challenge #01475-D014: Signal Lost

"It matters not if you have stood with the great. What really makes a difference is if you have sat with the broken, walked with the lost, and loved the lonely." — Sheri Bessi Eckert -- Ariestess

"And what have you done?" asked the man in the yellow robes. He was Important. He would not be in this meet-up if he wasn't. The people demanded it, and he had to suffer it. For the good feelings of everyone who supported him. And for ammunition against those who didn't.

"Are you kidding me?" he said. Advisors started to murmur things, but he ignored them. This kind of insult would not be ignored. "I'm the leader of the entire world! I made my country so great, everyone follows what I say! I've freed business to maximise profits, liberated the workforce, and improved commerce globally."

"That may be true, but what have you done?"

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