Good News Bad News

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The Internet is So Slow

It's not fair. I only just got used to the relative breakneck speed of the NBN and now flood season has firkin ruined it with moisture adulterating the signal. I can barely get my normal shit done.

Good news: We have meat to satiate my little darlings' need for variety.

Bad news: It all needs packing up.

Good news: I have the gigantic crochet hook for my gaseous project.

Bad news: I have to go hunting for a really big ball of twine now.

Good news: I have something for this week's Wordpress Wednesday

Bad news: I still have to write it.

Chaos' bus schedule has altered for the afternoon, which means I have to go fetch Mayhem after she arrives home. Gives me more time to write random things, I guess.


Good news, Bad news, Meh news

Good news: We're finally connected to the NBN so I can upload my random crap with a clear conscience... maybe.

Bad news: I had to be offline for a majority of yesterday because these transfers can NEVER be smooth.

Good news: It's all working now.

Bad news: I now have zero excuses to not send Adapting off to Baen Books.

Good news: I finished Sweet Child of Mine, which is a mega whump fic that needs a good beta.

Bad news: Because

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Good news, bad news

Bad news: Trump won.

I blame the five million white people with no skin in the game who decided that a third party was the moral choice. Not so high and mighty now that the muppet won, are you?

Good news: The blipectomy was a success.

What felt like a grain of rice under my skin turned out to be a blob of flesh roughly the size of the bone inside the tip of the pinkie finger. And that blob is now

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