Good news, Bad news, Meh news

Good news: We're finally connected to the NBN so I can upload my random crap with a clear conscience... maybe.

Bad news: I had to be offline for a majority of yesterday because these transfers can NEVER be smooth.

Good news: It's all working now.

Bad news: I now have zero excuses to not send Adapting off to Baen Books.

Good news: I finished Sweet Child of Mine, which is a mega whump fic that needs a good beta.

Bad news: Because it is a mega whump fic, nobody wants to read it because it contains gross stuff.

Meh news: I also have zero excuses to not re-start my Shaturday Specials :P But I had fun with those, so they're less disturbing for me.

At least until I start doing them again.

I might cheat and record on Fridays when I'm home alone and after I've done everything else. That feels like more of a PLN to me.

Not doing it this week though. I got too much other biz going on.