Good news, bad news

Bad news: Trump won.

I blame the five million white people with no skin in the game who decided that a third party was the moral choice. Not so high and mighty now that the muppet won, are you?

Good news: The blipectomy was a success.

What felt like a grain of rice under my skin turned out to be a blob of flesh roughly the size of the bone inside the tip of the pinkie finger. And that blob is now on it's way to some analytical laboratory where they'll find out what the eff it actually is.

Bad news: I swapped a pain in the anatomy for a pain in the anatomy.

I have stitches, and some dressings on the wound roughly the thickness of half a tennis ball taped to my shoulder-blade. And I had a rough night as a direct result.

Tonight, I'm taking one of the harder painkillers to try and have an easier sleep.

Good news: I'm still rested.

Yay! I'm actually getting some firkin sleep for the first time in a decade or more. I feel lovely and fresh inside my head and it's wonderful.

Bad news: I have to live with a world where the muppet reigns.

Trump is still president. Our only hope is if he gets convicted on his rape trial, this month, and therefore impeached. His running mate, an equally nasty muppet, may still run the free world, but the odds are against his being remotely competent. I hope.

With the vampires running the blood bank, it's only a matter of time before the US goes to crap. And it's a matter of how many other nations fuck up and go down with that ship.

Vive la revolution, baby.