Friday, some good firkin news

Doctor Who has hired a trans actor for a role in one of their specials! For the rainbow crowd, this is excellent news. There's a high possibility of some halfway decent trans representation.

The negative side of this is all the incel basement-dwellers will be pre-emptively howling "Go woke, go broke!" before we even see them. And there's a high statistical likelihood of Bury Your Gays since fucking MOFFAT is back on the team.

He likes to treat the rainbow crowd as a joke, more often than not. However, I am determined to remain cautiously optimistic.

There's a Good Omens graphic novel coming out, and they had to fund by Kickstarter just to get what they wanted. Because publishers thought that that sort of thing wasn't profitable.


Joke's on them, the money keeps pouring in for copies of the thing.

...wish I had enough to get one :P

Among my shenanigans today are:

  • baking The Bikkie
  • cleaning the catio
  • drawing another duck [7/9]
  • the daily tale
  • the Fediverse meme
  • recording five more episodes
  • working out how the new Owlbear operates
  • maybe writing a chapter

And I'll be doing some in-between doing others to spare myself some time. And spare my poor suffering ASD brain.

Hocus pocus, I need to focus.