Challenge #03882-J230: Help When Needed

A Havenworld, a resort planet very popular with the extremely rich, an Alliance world, is opening its doors to thousands of homeless Deregger refugees. The Deregger CEO's laugh, thinking the Alliance wealthy are about sue the CRC into oblivion. They're shocked when the wealthy in the Alliance offer funds to help those in need. -- The New Guy

An incontrovertible law of the space-traveling universe is: Always answer a distress call, for the distress in question may one day be yours. Even Dereggers obey it. Even Deregger resort worlds acquiesce to the law.

They all learned after the third time the CRC Enforcers turned up.

The emergency was large, and had a great many survivors. All of whom needed the nearest facilities for shelter and succor. They needed places to stay until the Alliance could fabricate suitable habitats on another world, or even another station. That and the medical intervention necessary was going to take months.

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