Thursday, Further Shenanigans

I have STUFF to do. Lots of it. Starting with: I just stitched together the best possible resolution map of Waterdeep. I shall be messing around with Owlbear so I am prepared for a RETURN TO THE GAME


I'm terrified to do it but also committed to doing it so finding out how to do it by fuckin' around is going to be beneficial in the long term for my PLNs.

I have done all the just-in-case recordings, so now all I have to do is catch up to where Beloved is [currently heading for ch 300] and also work on finishing the actual book. Woots.

I also have PLNs to draw at least one duck today.

And in the evening? I pick up my Beloved from the train station, and then I get to play VTTRPG with the rainbow crowd.

Busy day ahead, hooray.

Best to get going. Starting with the offerings.