Challenge #03881-J229: Catch and Release

Within the infinite expanse of the multiverse the existence of humans are questionable at best. For the universes that do host Homo sapiens, there is one multiversal constant. Humans are the most [KERATINOUS SKULL PROJECTION] beings in the universe. Even in the universe that can be best described as warhammer 40K, Jahhatai Khan is cruising the vastness of space in search of xenoussy. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Not doing Warhammer, because I only know it via osmosis. Also because using someone else's IP for debatable profit/income is illegal. Also also, it is going to be such fun keeping this story PG (/sarcasm)]

Humans will try to pet anything. That's the polite way to put it. No matter what the cogniscent species looks like, there will be some Human who will seek out a way to engage in pleasurable haptic feedback.

They have a legend who created a standard for such interactions The Archivaas are still debating as to whether or not Captain Jack Harkness was a real Human.

Some Humans have a personal mission to 'collect' members of all available species and genders. Given the scope of that objective, many Humans with this goal are going to die trying.

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