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Challenge #03820-J168: The Fine Tradition of Hautboll

An Academy for Tieflings aka Hellkin, and an Academy for Humans come together once a year for a friendly inter-academy competition. This has been a very old tradition in this nation. It's sad that outsiders keep trying to push their bigoted ways and wreck the tradition. When will they learn that THIS nation doesn't discriminate like that? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hellkin are of course a totally original creation not at all based on anything that WOTC might have accidentally released on an open license in recent history :\ Cough]

Some things just follow from malicious compliance. When people objected to Hellkin attending school with "more normal" subjects, the leader of the realm commissioned a school exclusively for his fellow Hellkin.

When people objected to the "exclusivity" of the school, and how the Hellkin students couldn't possibly be prepared for "the real world"... the contest began. Between the Academy of Outcasts and the leading "normal" school.

They could not compete as anything else but sports, owing to "unfairness", and thus began the Academy Games.

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Challenge #02858-G301: Enough Talk, Let's Fight

Humans fighting against claws and big animals were common things to watch in reports.

But the true, bloody fight is only when humans were fist-fighting against each other. Punching throats, kicking stomachs, smashing head against walls. -- Anon Guest

All around the Alliance, there is a genre of disturbing footage known as Humans Fighting Things. It is not generally recommended for Havenworlder viewing. Achivaas all over the Alliance and the Fellowship of Terran Planets alike scour it all to be sure that

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Challenge #01694-D233: They Aren't the Champions

Something nice about all those who will never be champions but compete and play sport, and love it. -- Anon Guest

They say, do what you love, and you will never need to work again. This only really works if one is good at the thing one loves. There are people, out there, who are absolute pants at the thing they love. But they do it anyway, because love is, as the song says, strange.

Case in point, the Arse End Football

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Beloved bought me Factorio!

So you know where the rest of my weekend is going. Lol.

But first, my usual nonse and a call to MeMum. Because family is important and all that.

And in the unlikely event that I get bored with Factorio (more likely to be waiting for my machines to accomplish a thing) I have beads to sort. Small beads. Which means that I finally busted out my Aldi's magnifying lamp. Huzzah.

Good stuff: No assembly required.

Bad stuff: I need the right

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