Challenge #02858-G301: Enough Talk, Let's Fight

Humans fighting against claws and big animals were common things to watch in reports.

But the true, bloody fight is only when humans were fist-fighting against each other. Punching throats, kicking stomachs, smashing head against walls. -- Anon Guest

All around the Alliance, there is a genre of disturbing footage known as Humans Fighting Things. It is not generally recommended for Havenworlder viewing. Achivaas all over the Alliance and the Fellowship of Terran Planets alike scour it all to be sure that none of the footage is from Deregger blood sport arenas[1].

It is always battles for survival, where the beast or the Human in question have clearly made some kind of mistake and are now in a fight for their lives. Neither side were preparing for years in advance for those moments and therefore is considered a fair fight.

The only fighting-with-purpose content allowed in the genre of Humans Fighting Things is Humans Fighting Humans. There, both parties have agreed to combat, there are rules, and the participants are generally agreed to be having fun. Well. Most of the time they're having fun. Some of the footage is from bar fights, where the fun is debatable.

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