Challenge #03820-J168: The Fine Tradition of Hautboll

An Academy for Tieflings aka Hellkin, and an Academy for Humans come together once a year for a friendly inter-academy competition. This has been a very old tradition in this nation. It's sad that outsiders keep trying to push their bigoted ways and wreck the tradition. When will they learn that THIS nation doesn't discriminate like that? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hellkin are of course a totally original creation not at all based on anything that WOTC might have accidentally released on an open license in recent history :\ Cough]

Some things just follow from malicious compliance. When people objected to Hellkin attending school with "more normal" subjects, the leader of the realm commissioned a school exclusively for his fellow Hellkin.

When people objected to the "exclusivity" of the school, and how the Hellkin students couldn't possibly be prepared for "the real world"... the contest began. Between the Academy of Outcasts and the leading "normal" school.

They could not compete as anything else but sports, owing to "unfairness", and thus began the Academy Games.

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