1K Friday

A 3-post collection

Friday, Day 0, WAHEY!

Plague news: two new cases, both imports. Thirty-five total active cases, twenty-one in hospital and two in the ICU.

I have a 1K goal for my novel even though I know darn well that my total is nowhere near being easily divisible by three any more.

As before, I shall write the story and then worry about the word count. I'm nowhere near the end of it, but I gotta start thinking about that now that I have hit the crux of Book 2.

And when I am done, I shall have a holiday of sorts. There will still be Instants, but any other writing I do will be for funsies until I get an inkling of what I'd love to do next.

...it'll probably be Book 3.

In the news:

  • Taliban blowing up Afghanistan
  • Part of the Sunrise crew hit with the plague
  • Isis returns just like the Taliban. Fuck
  • USA vows revenge
  • Plague set to wreak havoc
  • NSW now mandating vaccines
  • Antivax Knomira pulls stunt at Woolies, cops flack
  • Dude coats his franger in glue to replace condom, dies
  • Fines in border towns are STEEP

And now... storytimes.

Friday, Day 1, Bread Day

No new cases! That's Day 11 on the domestic scale, by the way. There's forty-three total cases, forty-two are in hospital and only one is technically loose. In captivity in a hotel with the potential to breeze past security measures version of "loose".

I'm starting the process on some wholly wholemeal loaves so I can maybe regulate the plumbing. I have the bikkie going [nine sliced olives on it BTW] and Wilson is on my desk and growing up for a special

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Friday, Day 0, Lurgi

Five more cases, all from Papua New Guinea, and all captured in quarantine. All forty-one active cases are in hospital. Yikes on bikes. Rock-hide protocol is heavily active. OTOH, there's no community transmission, so my desire to go full Plague Doctor when I go out is currently quashed.

The PNG strain is very concerning to Queensland because we might have to (gasp) share vaccines with others. Oh, the deprivation.

First World countries are depriving less affluent nations of vaccine access and this

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