Friday, Day 0, WAHEY!

Plague news: two new cases, both imports. Thirty-five total active cases, twenty-one in hospital and two in the ICU.

I have a 1K goal for my novel even though I know darn well that my total is nowhere near being easily divisible by three any more.

As before, I shall write the story and then worry about the word count. I'm nowhere near the end of it, but I gotta start thinking about that now that I have hit the crux of Book 2.

And when I am done, I shall have a holiday of sorts. There will still be Instants, but any other writing I do will be for funsies until I get an inkling of what I'd love to do next.'ll probably be Book 3.

In the news:

  • Taliban blowing up Afghanistan
  • Part of the Sunrise crew hit with the plague
  • Isis returns just like the Taliban. Fuck
  • USA vows revenge
  • Plague set to wreak havoc
  • NSW now mandating vaccines
  • Antivax Knomira pulls stunt at Woolies, cops flack
  • Dude coats his franger in glue to replace condom, dies
  • Fines in border towns are STEEP

And now... storytimes.