Challenge #03136-H227: By the Gods

“He has to know. He'll never be whole without the truth. Look, I get it. You hate the gods. All gods. It’s no accident that includes yourself. And it includes your boy. Don’t you see that? He feels that! He can’t help what he is. He can’t begin to help it, because you haven’t even told him. It’s all connected man.” -- Anon Guest

Picture what it would be like for gods and deities to roam the Earth. Those who are revered in one way or another have ways of walking the world. As they were in life, as they are pictured in the minds of the faithful. As their utter truth. You might imagine a million iterations of Jesus wandering the byways, or picture Buddha chilling in a park somewhere. You may even ride public transit next to angels, unaware.

Saint Isadorus likes to hang out in coffee shops, maintaining the wifi and nudging someone's autosave so that their thesis, script, or novel won't die when their computer does. Elvis has been seen numerous times in Karaoke bars, but never for very long. That would spoil the fun.

And on the highways, the minor god of Transit pilots a wide Winnebago along single-lane highways, causing prayers in the form of, "Good god what is this asshole's problem?" Just because you're a deity doesn't mean you have to be nice. They never want to know, but the problem is their kid.

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