Friday, Day 1, Bread Day

No new cases! That's Day 11 on the domestic scale, by the way. There's forty-three total cases, forty-two are in hospital and only one is technically loose. In captivity in a hotel with the potential to breeze past security measures version of "loose".

I'm starting the process on some wholly wholemeal loaves so I can maybe regulate the plumbing. I have the bikkie going [nine sliced olives on it BTW] and Wilson is on my desk and growing up for a special moment in which part of them becomes my weekly bread.

I fully expect the fam to just inhale one done loaf while it's fresh and warm. I get the other one to nom on during the next week. See how that plan works for my by next Friday.

...and now the interwebs has gone bork... YAY.

In the news:

  • India accused of fudging their plague numbers
  • ScoMo warns that if he opens the country, there'll be 1000 cases of plague a day
  • Mor Royal Drama!
  • 48YO NSW woman dies of blood clots after getting the jab. Since I am 48 I am having some concerns
  • The baby who was found dead apparently died in a car
  • Media blames parents who went to concert for baby's death instead of the aunt who was babysitting the kid
  • Female prison guard has her affair with a prisoner [wow, bad power dynamic] revealed by a thigh tattoo
  • The next Fast&Furious has rocket cars. Wow

Let's get on with the other nonsense.