Friday, Day 0, Lurgi

Five more cases, all from Papua New Guinea, and all captured in quarantine. All forty-one active cases are in hospital. Yikes on bikes. Rock-hide protocol is heavily active. OTOH, there's no community transmission, so my desire to go full Plague Doctor when I go out is currently quashed.

The PNG strain is very concerning to Queensland because we might have to (gasp) share vaccines with others. Oh, the deprivation.

First World countries are depriving less affluent nations of vaccine access and this is just the first instance of colonialism biting us on the arse in regards to this plague. There will be many, many, MANY more.

The only way to get rid of the plague is to get rid of it EVERYWHERE. It worked on Smallpox, and if it wasn't for Andrew Wakefield, it would have worked on Measles. Yes, I am still bitter about that. I could have fucking died from Measles, so shut up.

Meanwhile, Miss Chaos is home with the seasonal Lurgi and already doing much better for some intensive R&R.

Anyway. It's 1K Friday today, so writing one thousand words is on my agenda alongside house unfuckening and the usual flash fiction. Woot.

In the news:

  • Prince William declares he's not racist because he has one black friend. Actual story is he denies accusations of racism without the flavour
  • Government issuing $200 travel vouchers? WAT? This is how you get more plague
  • Australia about due for a housing bubble
  • Something gross washed up on the shore
  • 200 kilos of cocaine found on a boat
  • Calls for a curfew for men after woman's disappearance and murder
  • Walkers find 78YO plane wreck on Scottish mountain
  • Aldi selling hot-cross-bun-flavoured gin for $20
  • Dad body polices daughter via contract
  • Superstorm moving in on the east coast
  • Repugnicans leap to the defence of Pepe Le Pew, Kermit the Frog, and Doctor Seuss because they think "cancel culture" is at work. If this were a Repugnican administration, they'd be telling us snowflakes to "suck it up" 9_9

Onwards to the nonsense.