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Challenge #03769-J116: Risk and Reward

A special tower has been built to test the skills of anyone who claims to be a skilled thief. The higher they go, the more fabulous the treasures and books, but also more cunning the traps. None of the traps are lethal, at most they're embarrassing and uncomfortable. With some, failing the thief and sending them back to the beginning. -- Anon Guest

If you live your life on the streets or among the rooftops of Deepwater, it doesn't look like anything special. A squat storage silo with no discernable entrance and a rather boring roof. Those who use the Rogue's Highway of Deepwater's rooftops avoid it. To step foot on it is to slide right off it, resulting in a bone-breaking spill onto the cobbles below.

It's so boring that it isn't even used as a landmark. People don't bother with it. They don't ask who uses it, they don't wonder why it's there.

It's kept by the Deepwater Thieves' Guild, which is lead by a fallen god and has its centre in the lower labyrinths of Deepwater's Undercity. It is there that also holds the entrance to the Rogue's Testing Tower.

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Challenge #03759-J106: They Seek Them Here...

What do I do for a living? I'm a smuggler. What do I smuggle? People. From where to where? From Deregger places safely into the Alliance. Hey, it pays good, I make people happy, and I get to pretend to be a scoundrel and get a few laughs. Life is good. -- Anon Guest

Let me tell you something for free. It's not easy when you do cogniscent trafficking for the greater good. High risk, high reward... sure. It's very much that.

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Challenge #03704-J051: For Your Protection

Beware the pretty little flowers, their petals soft and sweet. Do not inhale their scent, my dear, or you will be off your feet. Do not touch the flower, or your fingers, they will burn. And do not eat the berries, or for a grave you will swiftly yearn. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Could be the cashew pear, but there's also the Manchineel and the Gympie Gympie to contend with. I'm going to make something up for Alfarell]

Nanogh is known for

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Challenge #02531-F341: Conflict of Interests

Don’t worry we’re completely safe


Relatively safe

laughter in the distance

As long we don’t move from here, we’re safe

door flies open

I think it’s best if we leave -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny, you have hit one of my favourite tropes - the chain of circumstantial self-correction. I confess to laughing out loud]

There used to be two absolute certainties in the universe - death and taxes. However, after the Humans entered the Galactic

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