Challenge #03704-J051: For Your Protection

Beware the pretty little flowers, their petals soft and sweet. Do not inhale their scent, my dear, or you will be off your feet. Do not touch the flower, or your fingers, they will burn. And do not eat the berries, or for a grave you will swiftly yearn. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Could be the cashew pear, but there's also the Manchineel and the Gympie Gympie to contend with. I'm going to make something up for Alfarell]

Nanogh is known for many dangers. Many perils. Yet there is one thing in all the Plane of Magic that those who live there are united in keeping restrained.

They call it Haitrii, and there is only one.

Nobody wants it to reproduce. That is why it sits on a floating island and is surrounded by a shield. Well. That's one of the reasons. There's many, many more.

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