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Challenge #02722-G165: A Rough Gem

Me playing support: get the f back here so I can heal you!

Some dumbbutt: but dps go bam... -- Anon Guest

"WHY, in the name of the Living Light, do you keep forgetting that you're squishy?"

"I'm used to being strong. I'm used to fighting the world. On the plus side, I have a pretty good grasp of tactics, so I'm not squishy for long..."

Gaarsh snorted an aborted growl. Being a Cleric of the Light wasn't always easy, but being a Bugbear made it harder. Keeping a few spell slots for healing is always wise in battle. Or out of it, come to think of things. "It's my duty to protect you, damnit..."

"It's my duty to protect you," countered the apparently suicidal Monk. "Obviously, we need to have a good long talk about battle plans."

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Fanfic Time: Misfits part 71

No, I did not find more. I wrote more. Yay!

Catch up with the last chapter before this entry.

  Sara spotted them the instant she finished securing Marie’s scooter to the stand. Duncan’s crew, but no Duncan. There was Graydon, and Brent; watching from near the closest entrances and preparing to move in. Which meant that Paul Greaves had to be… Sara casually turned, making it look as if she were double-checking the bike. There. Behind her

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Fanfic time: Misfits part 1

Once upon a time, a very nice author called Foxglove and I decided to do a quasi-RP'ish fanfic based loosely on a collapsed roleplaying mailer thing.

It mutated from there.

This fic is all in ASCII. These ~ things mean an end of turn. These + mean a change of scene. _Underscores_ around a word symbolise italics and *asterisks* mean bold. {Sound effects} are in wobbly brackets and [Foreign languages] are in square ones. 

This is a very long fic, so I’m

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