Challenge #02722-G165: A Rough Gem

Me playing support: get the f back here so I can heal you!

Some dumbbutt: but dps go bam... -- Anon Guest

"WHY, in the name of the Living Light, do you keep forgetting that you're squishy?"

"I'm used to being strong. I'm used to fighting the world. On the plus side, I have a pretty good grasp of tactics, so I'm not squishy for long..."

Gaarsh snorted an aborted growl. Being a Cleric of the Light wasn't always easy, but being a Bugbear made it harder. Keeping a few spell slots for healing is always wise in battle. Or out of it, come to think of things. "It's my duty to protect you, damnit..."

"It's my duty to protect you," countered the apparently suicidal Monk. "Obviously, we need to have a good long talk about battle plans."

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