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Challenge #01407-C312: When I Say 'Run'...

"Run!" -- Knitnan

She'd seen him coming and started before he finished saying the word. It was a good run. Ground-eating and fast without being tiring. And, he felt, keeping pace with him because she was polite.

"Most people ask why," said the Doctor.

"If you're running, there's always a good reason," she said. "Teri Grace, Special Advisor to UNIT."

Ah. Yes. Well, that explained everything. "And you're here because?"

"There are other units monitoring the Coal Hill and Cardiff anomalies. I'm what you might call an Agent Provocateur."


"I look for the weird stuff and assess it."

"Don't suppose you've heard of the Manchapalorians?"

"Can't say I have, sir."

"One of the few races that are naturally tetchy. They've intercepted some Earth broadcasts and have come to complain."

They ducked around a corner just in time to dodge an energy weapon that blew up a rubbish bin.

"With plasma rifles, I see."

"They're very tetchy."

"Any way to talk them down?"

"Haven't been able to think of a way. Too busy running."

"Let me guess. You annoyed them, too?"

"Incredibly tetchy."

Teri turned her coat inside-out and put on a pair of sunglasses, a beret, and a completely useless scarf. She sauntered out towards the Manchapalorians with open arms and a friendly smile. "Darlings that is simply fantastic! You are just what I'm looking for! You simply have to sign on with me..."

The Doctor peeked. "What?" he murmured, watching Teri Grace convince the aliens that she was a television agent in search of some truly amazing talent, which was what the Manchapalorians had in droves, darlings. She got them so distracted about their imminent stardom that they forgot entirely about shooting things.

It was one of the few times that the Doctor felt outclassed. He was going to have to keep an eye out for her.

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Sara + Kickstarter


“Hi,” said the slightly horsey androgene on the screen. “I’m Sara, but most know me online as TheTallest. I work with the indie film studio Thylacine Films. You might know us from such things as this—”

The dance of the dead hallucination scene from _Gopocalypse, Go, Go!_

“And this—”

The town destruction scene from _It Came From The Other Side_.

“And this—”

Everyone’s favourite scene from _All My Zombies_.

“I’m used to working under the red line, but

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Evoverse - even heroes can die, and no matter what you do and how much you try, it's not possible to save everyone (GO AHEAD, MAKE ME CRY...


Cold. Remember the three O’s.

Objective. Orientation. Orders.

Objective. Get the survivors safe.

Orientation. Back to the plane. If plane empty, downhill and downstream.

Orders. Stay safe.

Sara hunched inside her impromptu space-blanket cloak and wished her bio-mimetic battle outfit (a) covered more territory and (b) was warmer than it was.

Splint done. This individual would need help getting down. Travois. Skis and blankets and gaff. Loads of gaff. Drag them out and catch up with the last of the

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Another ficwar prompt: The one time when it mattered, Sara failed.


Negative. Again. For the thirty-ninth time.

Sara tried to control her breathing. She did everything she could to remain quiet, but inside her head… a thousand suns were exploding.

Their anniversary was next week. Their third anniversary.

It was crucial that this test be positive. And, for the thirty-ninth time in a row… negative.

She’d failed him.

And now he’d go away.

To someone more shapely. To someone more fertile. To someone who would not wake him up at

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Fanfic Time: Misfits part 71

No, I did not find more. I wrote more. Yay!

Catch up with the last chapter before this entry.

  Sara spotted them the instant she finished securing Marie’s scooter to the stand. Duncan’s crew, but no Duncan. There was Graydon, and Brent; watching from near the closest entrances and preparing to move in. Which meant that Paul Greaves had to be… Sara casually turned, making it look as if she were double-checking the bike. There. Behind her

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Fanfic time: Misfits part 1

Once upon a time, a very nice author called Foxglove and I decided to do a quasi-RP'ish fanfic based loosely on a collapsed roleplaying mailer thing.

It mutated from there.

This fic is all in ASCII. These ~ things mean an end of turn. These + mean a change of scene. _Underscores_ around a word symbolise italics and *asterisks* mean bold. {Sound effects} are in wobbly brackets and [Foreign languages] are in square ones. 

This is a very long fic, so I’m

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