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Challenge #01809-D348: Uncanny Interaction

We like talking to inanimate objects so much, we've started making the technology for inanimate objects to talk back. -- TheDragonsFlame

People are well known for talking to their Roombas. Technology so stupid that it doesn't know where it's been, and can barely detect when it's trapped. Never before has a single, real world device trained intelligent beings to respond to a string of musical beeps.

And after a while, customers blogged about their Stupid Roomba Tricks. Comments like, "Mine just loves to get itself stuck in the pantry corner," or "It gets into the chairs and can't figure out how to get out," and, "This silly thing keeps getting stuck under our bed." People assigned them personalities. People also taped knives to them and called them names like 'Mr Stabby', but that's just humans being humans.

There were other reports. People apologizing for getting in their Roomba's way. People encouraging theirs when it seemed to be having difficulty. People chiding it for trying to 'eat' cables or strings. There was already a thriving market for little Roomba outfits. People treated their little automatic vacuum like a cat.

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Fanfic Time: Bayville by Gaslight, part 2

Continued from yesterday:

  The still of the night. Theoretically, a time when every God-loving creature slept soundly. Millie left her quarters, eyes well used to the night, and found the master keys. She took extreme care not to make a sound as she slid silently into the darkness of the basement.

  The hallways beyond the familliar caverns of the laundry engines were much like residences in some kind of bomb shelter. It was a gloomy and eerie place, devoid of life.


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Fanfic Time: Bayville by Gaslight

Interactive fanfic going below the cut:

From the pic at and the phrase, “Born into a world that clucks it’s tongue in ungentlemanly disapproval of them…” from Lesli’s site ^_^ I got the mental image of Scooter in a straw boater and wondered exactly how… *gothic* I could make such a fanfic foray.

Then I realised that I have next to zero time to write any fanfic,

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 29

Continued from yesterday:

  When the X-Men finally left the sewers, it was with heavy hearts and a sense of importunable dread at something indefinable, yet close. None of them could forget the rainbow of expressions flitting fitfully across Nightcrawler’s face, and Scott might have given his eye teeth to have Jean there as telepathic translator, had he not been so certain to keep her away from all things blue and fuzzy.

  Nightcrawler was even more het up about this whole

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 28

Continued from yesterday:

  ‘It’s just the time of year,’ sighed the winged woman, 'makes me think sad things, sometimes.’

  'Like what?’

  'Like my family.’

  Niota’s face crinkled with confusion, 'why’s it sad to have a family. I like having a family, even if we’re not properly related or nuthin’.’

  Kaze smiled warmly at the little figure, 'I’m not sad becaue I have a family, I&

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 27

Continued from yesterday:

  After the fiasco with the paints, lights and the spaghetti, the Warren decided that some sort of ‘proper’ decoration was needed.

  So it was that, after fishing up some funding the, Humane Foundation started to be decked in large amounts of gold and silver tinsel.

  Everyone joined in, Kaze and Warren flew round the rooms, hanging decorations on hard to reach nooks and crannies in the walls. Sandra organized teams of volunteers, putting them to tasks ranging

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 26

Continued from yesterday:

  Nightcrawler surveyed the winged man for a moment, looking for any sign of deceit in his angelic features, but finding none.

  “Thank you.” He said finally.

  “No problem.” Warren smiled.

  “Now…if you could find that coat?”

  “You’re just gonna leave?” Warren was flabbergasted. “What about the others? Logan? Niota? JEAN?”

  Nightcrawler arched a brow at the way he emphasised her name.

  “What about them?

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Interactive Fiction(s)

The idea behind interactive fiction is thus: if you want to add a bit, you can!

It is not a round robin, you do not have to wait your turn.

I would prefer one big suggestion to ten billion tiny ones. Contrary to popular opinion, I do have a life. I may not always have the time to manage what you generate…

I currently have all my fics on “Anyone with a link can comment” for now. If anyone

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 25

Continued from yesterday:

  The inspectors gathered around General Allistar as Warren knelt by the pinned man.

  “I believe the kid asked a valid question, General,” he said. “Where *is* his sister?”

  “I don’t have to say *anything*,” the general spat.

  One of the other inspectors dialled 911 on her cellular. “Kid accused him of kidnapping. He’s gotta see justice.”



  Spiral stared on into infinity. She was cradling

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 24

Continued from yesterday:

  Forge’s “mosquito” had returned with Rogue’s biosample. It was the work of an instant to cross-reference it with all known mutants in his database. Well, now, wasn’t that interesting. It seems Mystique had a daughter as well as a son. Forge considered for a moment, then went online. He did have a few online friends, though he knew that with the hoops he went through creating different screen names and profiles

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 23

Continued from yesterday:

  Sweet, melodious music played to the horrific images on the screen. Images of the concentration camps. A woman’s voice spoke.

  “Once upon a time, one race put another race in cages…”

  Skeletal figures. shambling near-ghosts in black and white. Haunted eyes stared at the camera.

  “Just because they were different, this race became the subjects in tests and experiments… and thrown away.”

  Dead bodies in mass graves. Dead bodies in ovens.

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 22

Continued from yesterday:

  Sunset in New York, the buildings painted golden in the light, reaching fingers of shadows streatched across the city.

  Spyke watched the light slide across the landscape from his bed. His soft, warm, bed, so unlike his bunk back at the lab.

  He heard the door to the ward open, heard the footsteps, nearly put his exoskeliton on, just out of habit.

  ‘Evan…’ the soft voice, one so like his aunty.

  He turned, looked at her,

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 21

Continued from yesterday:

  Storm was in shock.

  She felt… she felt… she wasn’t entirly sure what she felt.

  Her nephew, her darling, baby, nephew…

  Oh Evan, what did they *do* to you!

  It was her fault, of course. If only she had looked harder… seen the signs… tried harder… if only…

  ‘Uh… hi Miss Storm! You OK?’

  Storm lifted her head up, blinking rapidly to clear away the tears.


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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 20

Continued from yesterday:

  “You like?”

  Scott nodded, trying to hook a piece of stray stringy cheese with his tongue. The little lizard girl giggled, and helped him along his way. Her hands were green and scaly, with webbing stretched between each digit. Claws the colour of blood brushed his chin, and she gasped as a thin trickle of blood followed in her wake.

  “Sorry, sorry mister,” she said, hurriedly trying to wipe it off and smearing it along

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Fanfic Time: X-Wars, part 19

Continued from yesterday:

  For once Rogue wasn’t listening in on the Professor’s conversation. She’d managed to become incredibly adept at avoiding his mental abilities when he wasn’t looking for her, but right now she knew she was being watched after the Legion fiasco. Thus it was Sam with his ear to the door, and Sam who told the new mutants about what was going on.

  They decided as one that they had to go

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