Challenge #01809-D348: Uncanny Interaction

We like talking to inanimate objects so much, we've started making the technology for inanimate objects to talk back. -- TheDragonsFlame

People are well known for talking to their Roombas. Technology so stupid that it doesn't know where it's been, and can barely detect when it's trapped. Never before has a single, real world device trained intelligent beings to respond to a string of musical beeps.

And after a while, customers blogged about their Stupid Roomba Tricks. Comments like, "Mine just loves to get itself stuck in the pantry corner," or "It gets into the chairs and can't figure out how to get out," and, "This silly thing keeps getting stuck under our bed." People assigned them personalities. People also taped knives to them and called them names like 'Mr Stabby', but that's just humans being humans.

There were other reports. People apologizing for getting in their Roomba's way. People encouraging theirs when it seemed to be having difficulty. People chiding it for trying to 'eat' cables or strings. There was already a thriving market for little Roomba outfits. People treated their little automatic vacuum like a cat.

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