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Monday, Day 0, PLNs in motion

There's two new cases, today. The total active count's at fifty-four, with fifty-two of those in hospital and two in the ICU. Nobody's chilling in a Queensland hotel today.

I'm draining my Peakd account, which is a test of endurance, and watching the markets as they haver and haw. With good fortune and good timing, I shall be able to have the money I need to finally fix the bathroom by June. It's just that slow, folks.

I mean, look at this:

[Shown here: A white pocelain sink with taps visible, parting away from the grout, tile, and wall behind that it should be attached to. Also included, the shadow of my phone and hands]

I took that this morning. When this timelapse disaster began, it was maybe a millimeter away from the silicone seal. I've been trying to save for months, but all that's happened is the gap has opened up to maybe fifteen to twenty millimeters.

So yeah. I need a LOT of funds. I can't wait for the time it takes to save my scrimpings because my scrimpings go on smaller disasters back home [supplies, medicine, car batteries etc] so I need the bulk funds that my blog on Peakd is allegedly worth. In one lump big enough to pay for everything including the fuckup factor. And taxes. Because the Commonwealth wants their cut of what I've got. Yay.

It's going to take thirteen weeks to get all the thousands out of Peakd. That's three months right there. By then, I should have all the other nonsense in place to actually get it to my bank. It's complicated.

Speaking of complicated, let's peek at the news:

  • Comedian John Cleese releases an NFT that's a marker for the Brooklyn Bridge and sells it. I love it
  • Thousands evacuated from Sydney as the floods hit hard
  • Shocking photos emerge from the flood zones, and it's not just submerged buildings
  • Cheeky fan adds a bald spot to footballer's statue
  • Meteor caught on camera
  • Woman vanishes on boat trip and the boyfriend refuses to help the investigation. Suspicious
  • Doctor has opinions about milk and milk alternatives
  • NZ may be opening up again RSN

I have a house to unfuck, today. A shrink trip tomorrow. Maybe by Wednesday, I shall have time enough to phone centerlink about arranging things for Miss Chaos. Yeesh. Things are packed.

Let's get creative.

I’m taking my time with the sewer level. It’s almost a month later, and I’m still working on this thing. As I write this...

I’m taking my time with the sewer level.

It’s almost a month later, and I’m still working on this thing. As I write this [24 Mar] I am STILL stuffing dispensers with brownish objects and occasional representative junk.

And by “representative junk”, I mean: leather for dead animals, raw fish for fish, empty bottles, string, lilly pads, grass, iron fences, gravel, slime balls and pieces ¬†of paper. Because it’s not just poo

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