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Quietly dribbling

Beloved has shown me a lovely site called Ali Express which also comes with an app to shop with. I am under oath not to buy anything until we have money to spare again.

And in a total fit of insanity, I'm plotting to do some pride-flag clip-ons, so I've been looking up the assortments of seed beads.

Let me tell you about seed beads. They are tiny. They are most often glass. They are an absolute pain in the canker to sort when they come in a mixed bag and I am voluntarily considering sorting them myself if it comes to that.

People who wish to buy me gifts, I am going to need a lot of twiddly containers.

I've even been looking up skull and gear findings for the goth/steampunk set.

IF I get good at this, I might consider doing minitrinket stuff for the cyberpunks. It all depends on how crazed I get.

I already have a plan. I make earrings for the most part, and when I find or have odd parts, I will craft up "Odd Bits" brooches or hair clips [probably functional as both TBH] for some extra revenue. Yes, I pretty much have to ship overseas.

And I will do commission pieces if you send me an SASE with the design and the materials. They will definitely cost extra.

I will be experimenting with some plastic gears I can readily get hold of. See if I can make them "steampunky" or if I can do anything interesting with them at all. I have a handy supply caused by disassembling my medication inhalers and cleaning them(of course).

And I will have a permanent notice up that I am looking for makers of other things. People who enjoy making things for people who don't fit the usual mould. Ladies' shoes for large feet. Non-standard dresses or other fashion items. The more, the merrier.

And -hey- if someone's willing to do commission bras, I'm pretty sure there may be business from the Cis set as well. I know for a fact that nobody has yet made a commercial bra that doesn't fold, saw, chafe, poke, or otherwise bite its wearer. Making it pretty, after all that insurance, might be a bonus.

After all, every girl deserves beautiful :D

Well hello!

Just unveiled a Christmas card from the nice dude we pay to mow our lawn. Which included a $5 scratchie with the potential to win us $1K a week for five years.

I haven't scratched it yet. I'm waiting for Beloved to awaken to share the suspense.

I know my luck with scratchies. Never have won anything greater than a free ticket. I came close, once. Only once. And then I confused a 2500 for a third 25000. That's it. That's my

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