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Challenge #02643-G086: Fae Trade

Everyone goes somewhere when they sleep. Dreamland is the most common name, but some just think it's your unconscious figuring itself out or filing away memories. But then there are those who knows what it really is. A whole other world where your true self, the self unbound by your physical body, is able to go. In this world, if you can focus yourself enough to consciously travel it, is a shop. A funny little shop keeper knows the ones who are awake in this world and those who travel within it asleep. The sleeping ones can't get in. The ones who are awake are welcome with a smile, the tinkle of a bell, and ask What dream will you trade me for my items today?

If you've ever awakened in the morning to find an unusual object on your nightstand you swore you'd never seen before, but somehow know it's yours? It means that you were able to wake up in that world and travel to the shop. -- DaniandShali

There are dreams, there are lucid dreams, and there are waking dreams. In daydreams, reality takes a backseat to conscious fantasy. In lucid dreams, the dreamer takes control of the circumstances. In waking dreams, conscious and unconscious blend. We all know dreams... or we think we do. Some dreams are private. Some dreams are shared in the collective unconscious known as Dreamland.

Since there is always someone there, it counts as its own reality. A dimension of mind, of subconscious thought coming together to create landscapes of both illusion and reality. Therefore, it is only natural that there are creatures native to its laws. Well. Such laws as Dreamland may have. One of such denizens is the Shopkeeper. They maintain... The Shop.

The Lucid Dreamers never find it. They make their dreams from the beginning. To find it, one must be in the dream and wake up while still dreaming. Following that, one must find the door that doesn't belong and be brave enough to go through.

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Quietly dribbling

Beloved has shown me a lovely site called Ali Express which also comes with an app to shop with. I am under oath not to buy anything until we have money to spare again.

And in a total fit of insanity, I'm plotting to do some pride-flag clip-ons, so I've been looking up the assortments of seed beads.

Let me tell you about seed beads. They are tiny. They are most often glass. They are an absolute pain in the canker to

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Well hello!

Just unveiled a Christmas card from the nice dude we pay to mow our lawn. Which included a $5 scratchie with the potential to win us $1K a week for five years.

I haven't scratched it yet. I'm waiting for Beloved to awaken to share the suspense.

I know my luck with scratchies. Never have won anything greater than a free ticket. I came close, once. Only once. And then I confused a 2500 for a third 25000. That's it. That's my

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