Well hello!

Just unveiled a Christmas card from the nice dude we pay to mow our lawn. Which included a $5 scratchie with the potential to win us $1K a week for five years.

I haven't scratched it yet. I'm waiting for Beloved to awaken to share the suspense.

I know my luck with scratchies. Never have won anything greater than a free ticket. I came close, once. Only once. And then I confused a 2500 for a third 25000. That's it. That's my brush with wealth.

Of course the game is rigged. The people running the lotteries earn way more from the selling of tickets than they ever give out as a prize. I just want more than a zero chance of getting something nice, for a change.

Let me tell you, $1K a week would take a lot of stress off my shoulders. I would never have to worry about paying the bills. I would never have to worry about clothing the kids. I wouldn't have to fret about this Yule.

Heck, three weeks and I could have that split system air con I've been pining for.

But those are dreams. The reality of it is, I will be lucky to get $20 out of it.

Sigh. Such is life, alas. Those who need never get, and those who never need get everything.

Grump grump grump grumble mutter snarl.