Decisions... Decisions

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I did another thing on world-building, philosophy, and the writer state of mind over on my Wordpress. I was honestly trying not to be salty about my choices versus my criticism, but... Yeah.

I'm going to be on someone's shit list for a handful of months for sure.

I'm still waiting for Bitcoin to hit a favourable amount so I can actually has my cash. One sixth of the amount I should have. But I'm patient enough to wait and get there.

And speaking of patience, I'm also waiting on news from Apple vis-a-vis new laptop models. Which means that I don't really have a rush on getting my money.

So far, so good.

Streemian is still down and out for the count and I don't even know if there's a new way to schedule posts or what. I'm trying to find out, but no-one's talking to me.

Normal services will resume as soon as I can figure out what those are.

I can put the Blasts from my Past up manually? But I don't want to. It feels like more of a struggle, since I have to wait ten minutes or something between posts. With the scheduling, I could get it all done in five minutes or less and move on with what passes for my life.

As I said, I can, but it's a pain in my butt.

Who else even cares that they're there? Besides MeMum?

Day 2 of the Tumblr Strike

I've noticed that the sponsored posts have 'mysteriously' vanished from Tumblr. Odd that a social website that makes its money by supporting pedophiles, homophobes, and racists suddenly doesn't want its sponsors knowing what it's really up to.

Funny that.

Well, I vow that I'm going to keep stirring that pot until the day that I can export all my Tumblr shit to Pillowfort. If I see an advertiser, I'm going to frelling tweet them about exactly what organisation they're paying to spread

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I can do this...

I'm getting better, so that means it's time to get right back onto my self-maintenance. But not so harshly that I fall over again and cause an endless cycle of sickness and recovery.

I did my first morning walk since I got ill, last week. Just around one block, and at a nice, leisurely pace. Chaos came with and was inappropriately loud for 6AM. Repeatedly.

But I did hatch some eggs, and that's good enough for me. [for the record, I got

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Challenge #01232-C137: A Strange Visitor

"What could be worse than a sixty Minutes News van waiting on the footpath?"

"How about a large Blue box, and people are taking selfies." -- Anon Guest

Carol looked out the other window in her tiny flat. The view was blurry, because it was the bathroom window, but there was, indeed, a familiar shape in the street. Either the BBC had deigned to acknowledge Australia as a filming location... or someone was playing silly buggers.

She texted the other top five

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Procrasti... nation

I admit. I'm a dawdler. I found a nice source... several nice sources... of sealing wax... online and ready to ship to my location. I'm debating whether or not it's a good idea because they're upwards of $6 per stick. More if they include sealing paraphernalia.

Artisinal stuff is a niche business. Sealing wax is for historian nerds, steampunks, and bridal supplies... because old timey aesthetic equals romance.

It's cheaper and easier to use domestic candles. I at least have those. And,

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