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Day 2 of the Tumblr Strike

I've noticed that the sponsored posts have 'mysteriously' vanished from Tumblr. Odd that a social website that makes its money by supporting pedophiles, homophobes, and racists suddenly doesn't want its sponsors knowing what it's really up to.

Funny that.

Well, I vow that I'm going to keep stirring that pot until the day that I can export all my Tumblr shit to Pillowfort. If I see an advertiser, I'm going to frelling tweet them about exactly what organisation they're paying to spread awareness of their crap.

I come from a long line of shit-stirrers. I can firkin stir some flakkin shit.

Meanwhile, I've officially run out of chapters to post for my Dollar Patrons over at my Patreon Page. Which means I need to think up something else to entertain those kind enough to give a dollar.

Possibly something op-ed esque on Mondays.

All ideas are welcome, but a new book to edit won't be ready until I've written the final words in Rael. And given it a read-through, because finding errors before anyone else does is kind'a my jam.

Which means that everything I have up on Patreon will be shifting. Beauties and the Beastly will get taken down and replaced with Rael. And in Rael's place in the $15 slot will be Clockwork Souls. Because I'll be legit writing that for a change.

And then the $20 slot will miss out because no other shiny ideas have entered my fluffy little head. I'll find something to fill that arena. The $5 patrons are already listening to my musical compositions.

Maybe I can work on the cover art for Beauties and post the progress on Fridays. Either ProCreate or Photoshop... it's going to take time from SESP, but... That's what free time on weekends is for.

What do you think?

Dear followers:

A while ago, I put out a plea to reblog the shit out of the soon-to-be-released Hevun’s Rebel.

You all did a wonderful job reblogging that one post.

What I need is all of you spreading the word about the other posts. The ones where it’s the cover, the date, and a small collection of words… they get ignored.

Those are the ones I need you to spread around.

And not just on Tumblr.

Spread the word

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