I can do this...

I'm getting better, so that means it's time to get right back onto my self-maintenance. But not so harshly that I fall over again and cause an endless cycle of sickness and recovery.

I did my first morning walk since I got ill, last week. Just around one block, and at a nice, leisurely pace. Chaos came with and was inappropriately loud for 6AM. Repeatedly.

But I did hatch some eggs, and that's good enough for me. [for the record, I got a Geodude and another Bulbasaur]

There are entire weeks when Pokemon Go is about the only thing that will get me out of the house. Well, the only thing that isn't negative motivation.

Negative motivation: The state of business in which, if you don't do the thing, something bad will happen. [eg: If you don't file your taxes, you can go to prison]

Negative motivation is used all the time, especially on low-level employees. And it is not the best reason to go and do the thing. It's a bloody demoralising reason to go and do the thing. Do the thing you hate or things will get worse, you measly excuse for humanity. Bluh.

At least with Pokemon Go, there's something I can wrangle a plus side out of. If I go and do my walk, which I am not always motivated to do, I can hatch some of my eggs. Or I could actually catch something that isn't a Rattata, Doduo, Weedle, Pidgey, or Caterpie.

I catch them anyway. I need that stardust, damnit.

I wish Pokemon Go could motivate me to do the other things. Like... picking an agent to throw a sample of my book at. Or to go meat shopping because we're nearly out of chicken breasts. Or go to that year 9 information evening because society still insists on making children decide their entire life's path before they're legally old enough to have drink booze, vote, or have sex.

And they tell these same kids that they're too young to decide on a gender and sexuality identity. Sail the hypocri-sea much?

I will encourage avenues for a multitude of plan B's. It's the only way to go.