Challenge #01295-C200: Pray What You Eat Lets You Live

Fast Food franchises for Aliens. -- Anon Guest

Excerpts from A Traveller's Guide to Galactic Spaceports[Written before the advent of Unsuitable Food]:

If you are the kind of person who does not eat what they cannot identify, then beware. You may starve to death. Once you leave the realm of your familiarity, you will find all manner of things that could be edible if you are brave enough to face it.

That said, beware of attempting to purchase anything living. There are many forms of pets, and there are many more forms of adoption. That creature that resembles a pig just might be a cogniscent infant.

Your best investment for travelling is the Omniscanner. It takes in all forms of ambient radiation and transforms it into data you can understand. You won't look a fool for waving it at everything, but you will look a fool for buying an unwanted child, and then attempting to offer it in trade for a meal made out of one of its cuts.

Cogniphagia is frowned upon throughout all civilized space.

One thing you will not find in the larger Galactic Spaceports is fast food franchises. The concept of a ready-made meal exists, but ready-made meals that are long-term unhealthy are not encouraged. There are laws protecting all Galactics from accidental poisoning and, if the chef is not familiar with your biological needs, you are solely responsible for what you ingest.

The Omniscanner is your friend. You can set it to monitor your biology and alert you to what your body needs. Otherwise, let your nose be your guide. If you see something cooking, you can bet it's food. Be certain to scan the menu, just in case.

And do not be alarmed about table manners. Galactic manners are so varied from planet to planet that the only concern is that you don't make a mess.

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