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Challenge #03265-H356: A Worthy Adversary

They met the four adventurers and challenged Wraithvine to a wizard's duel. To ensure the safety of the companions, the wizard used a strong magic to shield them. Introducing themself, they fought Wraithvine to a standstill. As they had the elven wizard on the ropes, they suddenly stopped, grinned, and put out their hand stating they were glad to find someone just as strong as they were, for a change. They almost never killed in these duels, only went as far as to test the strength of those that were other wizards, but if the other wizard attempted it, they made sure to stop them, permanently IF it was necessary. Until now, it'd always been a disappointment. Giving Wraithvine and friends magic gifts, they were thanked again for the wonderful challenge. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I do not like extended prompts where people tell me the story they want me to retell tbh...]

Wraithvine was still catching hir breath as ze caught up with what was going on. "You're telling me," ze panted, "you did all of this... to flex?"

"Not in as many words," Balko the Indomitable was also out of breath and fanning themself with their wizarding hat. "Doesn't it get boring, being the biggest thing to magic?"

Wraithvine glared molten Death at hir opponent. "I rarely have time to get bored. Unlike some people, I spend my energies on improving the world."

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