Saturday, Parkrun, Leyland's Tour, and Heavy Stuff

The expedition to Captain S' old place was more of a scouting and planning mission than any serious unfucking.

We also found out how much had been "creatively borrowed" by members of the fam who thought they were entitled. Some old tools and Captain S' password book. Charming. Not.

Whoever nicked the password book potentially has access to what little money Captain S had in her account. What a "winner" this person was to choose to do that.

Quoth Beloved: "Have a nice time in Hell, hope it was worth it."

The people we trusted had added some unexpected padlocks so they could potentially raid the place whenever the flakk they wanted. At least that's the theory.

We're going to change them all at the earliest opportunity. Serves them right for being dillholes.

ANYway, I owe y'all some offerings and I plan on getting on with that before zonking out until I've had enough sleep for the night.

Tomorrow's streaming stuff is not on because (a) sick, and (b) really flakking tired. Also because resting my voice and hoping it finally recovers from all the coughing and sneezing.

Let's get on with getting on.