Challenge #03870-J218: Time to Stretch

I've been at my job for about two years. The Time is good, but by the POWERS, I'm SO bored! But if I leave my job, where will I go? If I slack off, I'll get fired. Ghads... starting to feel like it did back in the bad place... I'm...SO...BORED! -- DaniAndShali

I am safe in this little corner of the Alliance. My duties are simple, but important, and nothing beyond my means. It's also nothing above my limits. It was challenging to learn, but I'm used to every possible quirk, now. I've been used to every possible quirk for a year and a half.

There's very little that's new, any more.

I never thought this would happen, hiding away from my former masters in one of the too-many Greater Deregulations out there. I never thought for a moment that my life could possibly become dull. Yet here I am.

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