Sunday, Day One, PLNs

Toasty did some lovely work towards their planned fid Days which is allegedly lower effort than Lion. Allegedly. I swear they spent twenty minutes figuring out gradients for one frame. Much distraction was had and given by all.

It happens that way sometimes.

Sometimes, you need to faff about to get a great idea. Sometimes, you just need to chill. This morning was one of those times for Toasty. It may be one of those mornings for me. I can't tell from here. What I can tell is that today's going to be interesting because I am the first watch for a groceries delivery that can be happening anywhere between an hour ago and two and a half hours' hence. Yay. I've arranged things so I can peek at the ideal delivery spot, but I'll be checking the less ideal one in case of hurried delivery people.

Muppet's crying that the supreme court refused to look at the evidence of voting fraud that he has repeatedly failed to produce. Cry harder, you pathetic orange man.

A cover band in Sydney is copping all the blame for the crowds' choice to not social distance or wear masks. Le Sigh.

I'm going to write a story. Then I'm going to stake out the driveway if the delivery hasn't already arrived.