Challenge #02901-G344: Vocal Gymnastics

The human spoke in a half-whisper as they were going through the jungle trying to skirt the edges of a hostile camp. Normally, they'd be 'kick backside and take names' but they were carrying a wounded havenworlder with them and could not risk their friend. Damnit, if only the life pod's transmitters had worked! No use for it, they knew where the rescue ship would be, but the hostiles were not going to make it easy.

Their friend then noticed the voice of their human, they'd heard it before, but hadn't quite believed their hearing. Now in the quiet, with just their human's whisper, they realized it fully. It was not one voice, it was two. One softer, slightly gravelly, one stronger. But also in tone, one higher pitched one lower.

Havenworlder: "How are you doing that?"

Human: "doing what?"

Havenworlder: "Two voices at the same time?"

Human: "Oh that's easy, one side of my voice box is tighter than the other, there's scarring there from when I got sick as a kid. Growing up in the DeRegger worlds was hell. I practiced to control it, it's natural to me now. You should hear it when I make myself sound like two different people all together." -- Anon Guest

[AN: The original Nonny who posted this is apparently capable of this feat and can also self-harmonise. Neat]

Humans talking to themselves was nothing new. Neither was the phenomenon of arguing with themselves. Humans doing voices was nothing new either. Having them sound realistic wasn't entirely novel, either. It was when Human Dors was muttering at opposite ends of vocal plausibility that Companion Grox began having a concern.

One voice was deep and gravelly, the other higher in tone and clearer. Neither were Human Dors' usual speaking voice. Sometimes, they overlapped each other as once voice interrupted the other. It was quite a trick.

Companion Gorx said, "How are you doing that?"

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