Monday, Day Zero, Mistakes are being made

Not only is there an outbreak in Sydney, but there's a deadline for Queenslanders to get back into Queensland with no obvious decrees to self-isolate afterwards.

I'm giving it a maximum of three weeks before we get a "fucking whoops" out of this.

GDI public health is more important than one public holiday. FFS. If they ban road travel tomorrow, I'll roll with that. Because PUBLIC HEALTH ALSO INCLUDES ME.

We have eleven total cases, with two new ones from overseas. That's going to blow up after Christmas FOR SURE. It's almost a guarantee. Because Cashmas is the biggest boost to the all-hallowed economy known to fiduciary kind.


Can we PLEASE get the millionaires and billionaires to contribute 1% of their NET WORTH to the "Global Covid Relief Fund" and then use all that spondooly to make sure everyone on the planet has the food and rent and bills paid enough so they can just stay at home for a firkin month and GET THIS OVER WITH? Please?

With some arts and farts supplies so the people left with nothing to do can try a few things, of course. Because just being at home isn't enough if you don't know what to do with yourself. Who knows, someone might get hooked on a craft and thereby boost the economy for years afterwards. Its win-win.


We got all good supplies laid in. Today's unfuckening agenda will include getting the yick out of the fridge [so we have room for the cake!] and getting the huge amounts of nonsense off the kitchen countertop. Also gifting the cleaning lady with ludicrous amounts of chocolate. Because Christmas. And she deserves it.

I refuse to look at too many headlines because there is too much yule-related idiocy going around.