Challenge #02900-G343: The Benevolence Gene

On Earth, in the 20th and 21st century, they had the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. The winner won a certain amount that was paid in weekly payments for the rest of the person's life as well as an advance of a lump sum. This continued even after the Shattering. In addition to fairly inexpensive products, the PCH's contest continued. And once again, a new winner was chosen. Though it sometimes took a little bit to find the winner when people traveled to and from stations so often. His family was quite poor before this, having escaped terrible conditions on a failed colonial world. Now they were to receive a large amount each week for the rest of his life. But the question now became, now that their needs were met, how many more could he help with the proceeds? -- Anon Guest

[AN: In my experience/opinion, the PCHS has been rigged to get them all the moneys and a very rare few any kind of prize. I mean I never won anything and ISTG They used the same photos of their winners at random years with different names]

Liro didn't believe it until the payments appeared in their banking account. Liro hadn't believed it was even possible to win. Not with the ceremony involving a gigantic novelty cheque and the flashing cameras. They had honestly believed it was some kind of elaborate joke. The books they ordered certainly were. There was a reason it was a clearing house.

Condensed novels were kind of unfair on the authors who spent a year or more of their lives on reaching the word count requirements. Some people couldn't tell the difference. Liro could. They were even planning something of an essay concerning the difference between the condensed and the full novels. At least they'd get some Patreon change out of it.

But now? Liro had a lot of money. Regularly. For the rest of their life. The first big change was actual financial security. Rent paid. Bills paid. Insurance up and running. Great. Liro had never actually needed to live it large and, rather than going beyond their means, considered the best thing to do with that extra splash.

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