::Wheezing noises from Compy::

It's mostly-alive... I hope. Somewhat alive. Appreciably more functional than previously, let's say that. I still haven't installed anything new yet as the choices for functionality as far as I'm used to are (a) Two monitors and no backup, or (b) One monitor and backup readily available.

I don't know how to make my spare monitor work via the USB thing and the other port is a burned socket that Must Not Be Used.

Eh, I'll probably shut down everything but the software I'm using anyway. If I get as far as having it on my compy because bricked SSD means potentially no new installs. Whee.

Today is all about making sure I even have functionality on this compy and that I'm able to do what constitutes my Day Job. And making bread. And scanning a bunch of bank records now that my compy is in a functional state because our retirement fund demands it.

No, I did not manage to miracle a new Drobo case into existence. Beloved fixed the problem with (drumroll) sticky tape. There was a short in the power cable that, now it's insulated, shall allegedly cease causing problems.

It's still giving me a concern, all the same.

Speaking of concerning things:

  • Now that the Muppet has a financial interest in masks, he's trying to sell masks
  • Some of his sheeple followers now adore masks since he's been seen wearing one
  • Muppet has left his nose hanging out in the open even when wearing a mask
  • Victoria and NSW are now worrying about Superspreaders and thinking about even more strict measures to contain the plague
  • Karen Squad keeps insisting that being forced to wear a piece of fabric is a violation of their rights, their health(?) and other such nonsense
  • China continues to be a dickhole as they continue to conquer various areas of the ocean in a possibly vengeful cover version of Britania Rules the Waves

Oh, and sometime this afternoon, I am taxi again as I take Mayhem to some adventure that may be boxing-adjacent.

Fun times.